There are many benefits to postgraduate study. It can be fulfilling and satisfying both personally and professionally, and also an investment in your future. Continuing your studies can improve your job prospects – whether you want to further your existing career path or change direction. With a wide variety of postgraduate study options on offer there is the flexibility to find the right course and way of studying for you.

What do they involve?

What do they give you?

What are the entry requirements?

Usually an undergraduate degree.

How long is the course?

This varies – some certificates can be completed in months if you study full-time. Diplomas may take a year part-time, particularly if they are part of professional development or accreditation by an industrial body.

When does the course start?

This depends on the course. Many certificates and diplomas are studied through distance or online learning and can start any time of year.

What are the yearly tuition fees?

These depend on the nature of the course. Some certificates and diplomas may not have yearly or termly fees, but charge fees for each module of study instead.

How will you be assessed?

Often by essay or research project.