Master of Science (MS) in Instructional Design and Technology

Course duration 1-2 years
Intakes Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Aug, Oct
Course fee 20000 USD in full(Scholarships are available)

This master of science program is for people who want to change the world through research, creativity, and innovation. From enhancing medical training technologies to designing educational apps, instructional designers are essential for organizations that wish to leverage technology for learning in a dynamic world.

Learning Objectives and Competencies Career and Salary: Trends and Outlook

The field of instructional design and technology has changed dramatically over the last several years and will continue to grow and change with the rapid introduction and adoption of emerging technologies and new approaches to teaching and learning. Technology through social, distance and mobile learning media continues to change the landscape of traditional education and training.

For the professional instructional designer—especially for those with a master’s degree—career options exist in academic, government and profit and non-profit sectors and include positions such as:

Staff Instructional Designer and report a very positive outlook for instructional designer and technologist careers: